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Disco Ball Dreamland


Lights, camera, action! Ride the waves of excitement and electric energy as you enter the reimagined celebration of the journey to self-love. The disco balls hung throughout this space remind us that even tiny, broken pieces can be formed into vessels that reflect the most beautiful arrays of light.

Mood Room


Navigate through dedicated "Mood Stations" designed to resonate with various emotions. Step inside and learn how colors affect your emotions. Each station provides a space for self-reflection and connection.


Experience “Mindful Moments” where you can engage in brief guided activities to center your thoughts and boost your mental well-being.



Secret Garden


Embrace your emotions as you step into a world of serene tranquility. Explore the rich tapestry of feelings through captivating visual and sensory experiences as you discover hidden messages in uniquely earthly environments.


Kite’s Ice Diner


Highlighting our featured artist, Kristopher Kites, this space offers merchandise, soft drinks, & snacks for purchase.

Learn more about artist Kristopher Kites.

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